Yoga for The Modern Spiritual Woman


The Ethos

Through Yoga, Everyone is Empowered & Strengthened to Live Life on Purpose.  Yoga is a lifestyle tool, easily adapted into YOUR daily life for greater peace, joy & health.  Through Yoga great things are awakened.



I am Spiritual Modern Woman, a Mum and a Girlfriend, and I welcome you to my Website.  I live my life guided by my intuition and connectivity to others.  I parent and love in a way that sits with my alignment and through these means we can connect and I am here to support you.

​​Here, at my website, you will discover information on how I can assist you in creating and maintaining a peaceful, stress free environment.

I have spent many years sharing Yoga in Schools which has equipped me with valuable knowledge to share which enhances the mental health of children and provides them with life skills - find more info about this here.


My Kundalini for Women 6 module Program enriches the lives of women and their families everywhere and I am super excited to announce the opening of the Jo Yoga Online Studio in Autumn 2020.

If you prefer a listen then the weekly podcast will inspire & comfort you.

Join me today and experience a life you knew was there but can now reach.

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Explore the Yoga Library

With over 100 free yoga classes to choose from, you will always find what you need.  The library includes a wide range of styles including Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, Meditations & Children's Yoga.

Join me on the mat

Yin Yoga

A beautiful slow style of Yoga to unwind, relax and feel bliss.  This more of a mental challenge than a physical one - enjoy.

Emotional Fatigue Buster

This powerful Kriya will give your emotional system a lovely revamp.  Meditative & calming, a perfect practice for you;

Sweet Short Kriya for Energy

Plenty of stillness and movement in equal measure makes this a gorgeous litlte kriya for energy.