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40 Minute Subtle Body Refinement Kriya to feel more connected

Welcome to The Refinement of the Subtle Body Kriya

The Subtle Body is our 9th Body and is the transport for the soul.  The Subtle body is that which we connect to when communicating with ourselves at a soul level.

If you want to know more about your soul's purpose, your connection to others and the infinite, the subtle body is your tool.

When the Subtle Body is strong and refined, you know the unknown, see the unseen.  You learn new things easily and are more open to more opportunities and new experiences.  

You are able to empathise with others in a natural and authentic way whilst maintaining strong boundaries and self protection.

The Subtle Body is something that I have been very intrigued with recently as we find new ways to connect during these strange times.

And that is why I have chosen to work with spiritually minded modern women who are on their own quest for a more spiritually fulfilling existence.

Together we can guide and support each other as we go through the process.

Scary I know but much needed.  

Making big decisions can be frightening at times but knowing that what you are doing is highly important and the body is your greatest asset - it will tell you all you need to know.

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So as you are going through today's practice, be aware of the thoughts and feelings that you experience.  You Subtle Body is communicating with you - it wants to be heard bit will not shout.

Through movement, you can make these changes.

Until next time

All my love

Jo. xx

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