6 Week Children's Yoga Sessions

For Use In Schools

Do you want to share Yoga with your Pupils?


This 6 week bundle of Classes takes the Children through a Journey of Mind work, Physical Fitness, Breath Practice, guiding them through a gentle term.

Yoga is vital for healthy bodies & mindsets which is why I have put together this terms worth of classes for use in schools.

Each class is approx 30 - 40 minutes long and perfect for use either in class or while distance learning.



The Children are guided to understand how they are incontrol of their thoughts regardless of outside circumstance. and through controlling their thoughts they become empowered,



Physical movement and yoga postures are vital for the growing body and the pupils will learn to discover the boundartie sof their bodies and also how incredibly strong they have the potential to be.

Breath Work & Meditation



Through Meditation and breath work the pupils (and teachers) discover the inner world and re connect back to 'The Self'.  In this day and age of 24hr connection, it is connection with the self that is most ignored.  This is rectified with meditation and the breath.

The benefits of YOGA IN SCHOOLS - 

  • Peace & joy 

  • Mindfulness = Mindful Learning

  • Relaxed, more intuitive children

  • Pupils/children can work to the best of their abilities easier

  • The student improves organisation and instills calm

  • A calm student creates a calmer environment

  • The ability to have mental clarity and presence is heightened

  • Improves good mental health

  • Alleviates depression

  • Builds healthier relationships

  • The student is able to navigate 'growing up' politics with confidence.


I am Jo, a Yoga Teacher.  I work with schools, parents and youth establishments to enable them to provide mindfulness, yoga and promote good mental health to children and young adults.

I assist our children and young adults in the treatment of depression, anxiety and other 'growing up politics' that they deal with on a daily basis.

I am qualified as a Starchild Yoga Instructor, Yoga for the Special Child Facilitator, Neuro-Biology of Mental Health Illness for Kundalini Teachers, Kundalini Yoga Level 1 & Level 2 Ongoing.  I am a member of both the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (KYTA) and the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Assossciation (IKYTA).

Why Yoga for Children is Important?

10% of children suffer from some form of diagnose - able mental health illness.  There are many suffering from illness that is non diagnosed


That means that in a classroom of 30 children there are 3 gorgeous kiddies experiencing depression or anxiety at any given moment.

It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.


We, as the guiding generation, MUST do something about it - and we can!!

Teaching Yoga will benefit EVERY aspect of their lives moving forward (and, if you let it, quite possibly yours).


What you Receive

  • 6 FULL Classes to use in Class or distance Learning for your Pupils.

  • The themes are:

  • Class 1 - Learning to Control Your Thoughts

  • Class 2 - Choosing to Be Happy

  • Class 3 - Gratitude

  • Class 4 - Developing a Strong Self Belief

  • Class 5 - Confidence & Facing Challenges

  • Class 6 - Yin Yoga & Reflecting

  • All Videos filmed in HD



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What others Say:

'Jo delivered some wonderful yoga sessions to a group of 10-11 years olds.  Children can feel some pressure in Year 6, and as a teacher, I was amazed by how the ... session completely transformed the children’s outlook. Jo's clear instructions and friendly nature engaged all of the pupils, leaving the children in a much calmer place than at the start of the class.

The session gave instant benefits with many of the children commenting about how great they felt afterwards. I have since seen several children use some of the techniques taught to cope in different situations – a valuable tool for life.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use yoga again the classroom – thank you Jo Yoga!'

Sian Lee, Yr 6 Teacher, William Alvey School, Sleaford

Just wanted to say thank you for today.  Everyone was saying tonight how lovely your sessions were and how we all enjoyed them.  I know my children were thrilled and were so excited that we get to work with you every week and not just as a one off!

Natalie Jones – Metheringham Primary


‘I just wanted to say wow wow wow you do an ace job!  I taught some pupils today from their yoga and it was a wonderful transformation, They were so calm and focused – I am a very happy teacher’

Becky, Teacher, Ambergate Sports College

'Your online material has been fabulous as we can access it at the best time for us and go back to sections as needed'.

How are the classes delivered?

All of the classes are pre recorded and availanle on teh Vimeo Server.  Yu will receive private links for ALL of teh classes, from where they can be downloaded.

How do I receive the Classes

On purchase of the Class Bundle you will immediately be directed to a private page containing the first class.  Within 48hrs of putrchase the Private links for ALL 6 Classes will be emailed to you so you are able to download and use at your own free will.

How are the classes to be used?

Classes are to be played directly to your students for them to follow.

Who are these classes suitable for?

All of these classes are directed at all ages from Reception onwards with many adjustments.  These are explained clearly by Jo Yoga.  These classes are suitable for children with SEN.



Resources for now


forever learning!!!

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