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Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Relief

Hey my lovely.

I know that at times we can feel overwhelmed and struggling, which is why I have developed the 9 Days to Release Overwhelm & Struggle Video Series - however if you only have 15 minutes today, then this little practice is perfect for you.

Enjoy some heart opening and deep breathing to strengthen and activate your parasympathetic nervous system - enabling stress and anxiety to dissolve.

Through these uncertain times, I want to remind you how powerful and effective your Yoga practice is.

It is constant that will continually bring you back to yourself and your true nature - reminding you that no matter what - whatever the government decide, whatever measure are put in place to prevent us from living the life we once knew so well - teh very core of your being has not changed at all.

You are still the same human you were before Covid 19 - it is just our outlooks that are a little different now.

You can choose how to react and how to respond and, ultimately my love, you are still YOU and that is perfect.


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The mediation to go along side this weeks class is super powerful so enjoy.

Lots of love 

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