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Grounding Yoga For the Change of Season

You know my loves, as the seasons change and the year develops, I find myself a little unsettled as we transition.

And even though this year of 2020 has been particularly exceptional, I find that I still need that essential transition time.

The season of Autumn is connected to the element of Earth, as the harvests are ready, the earth offers up its abundance of veg and we prepare to begin to baton down the hatches and go inside for winter.

So I feel I need to reconnect with the Earth element inside of myself and this is how this practice goes.

Deep connections, to yourself and the earth, .solid element within us.


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I get super excited about Autumn too - it is my fave of all the seasons ( I love them all but Autumn NEVER disappoints) with its' Oranges & Reds and general coziness.  The fresh mornings and cozy evenings are perfect for me.

Enjoy my lovelies. 

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