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Bedtime Yoga 

As the dark creeps in and the seasons change, here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is time for us to begin hunkering down and closing the doors.

Equally, if you are in the southern hemisphere, the change from winter to spring is going to alter those energy levels - so a good nights sleep is needed.

Fighting off bugs, viruses, sniffles and other energy sappers is forefront of the mind at the moment so lets ensure our self care is bang on by getting enough sleep & rest.

In this class, we will stretch the days stresses away and enjoy a peaceful relaxing movement sequence followed by some breathwork to ease you into a blissful sleep.

I love sharing how yoga can hugely transform so many aspects of your life - and how you don't have t be a head stand wielding lithesome tones muscled beauty  to enjoy the health benefits and happiness inducing magic of yoga.

I am a normal sized mother with bingo wings and a Mum tum and yet I am in love with yoga - and that is what I share with you today.

If it isn't quite bedtime yet but you fancy a quick recharge then a Yoga Nidra is perfect.  I swear by these wonderful practices.

The podcast below combines a Yoga Nidra with an Open Heart Meditation which will double up the magic.


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