Live Your Life On Purpose

'I felt elated and had the biggest smile on my face'

Coaching with Jo Yoga

[I left] ..'with such a deep seated sense of wellness and confidence that this was ‘right.’  If only for that, I thank you'. - Katie Pratley

Making life changes is scary and takes an immense amount of courage - and I honour you for being here today and recognising that to get past blocks & obstacles in your life is going to take support.

Working 1:1 with me, means getting into the nitty gritty of YOU and how you can supercharge yourself to move past old habits, self talk and self defeating patterns to step into the TRUE beautiful you and live your amazing life on purpose.

Why am I different to other Life/Mindset coaches? Because, as important as the mindset is, it means nothing without the inclusion of the body. The human body is an incredible all-knowing vehicle in which we live and you must combine the vibration of the bodily cells with the high vibe positivity mindset to get the results you want.

I work with women living with relationship challenges, business start ups, health and wellness support and general yoga and meditation support


Are you a mother wanting to parent & connect with your child more consciously? 


Are you a Yoga teacher wanting mentoring? 


Are you wanting to deepen your self connection and step into your full potential to live life on purpose? 


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You have given me the courage to start making my own way in the world'  Janine Opheim