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Yoga to Release Hip Tension

Hey gorgeous Yoga Family.

Did you know that every experience, emotion and thought that creates an emotion, leaves an imprint in your energy & physical body.

Kind of like a little cellular memory, just sitting in your body waiting to be woken up again with another, similar emotion.

Well, as our lives have a tendency to be quite stagnant, sitting at desks, watching TV etc, these small little energy locks/blocks congregate around the hips.

Ever sat in Pigeon Pose and felt an overwhelming emotion?  And I don't just mean an emotion to shout at the Yoga teacher because you want to get out of  the pose.

It is because so much gathers around the hips.

So in this class we are going to relieve hip tension and be happy.

So we are all in this together - be sure to comment 'Being Happy' under the video.  That way we can all hold each other accountable and continue this Yoga Journey.

And once you have released that tension, reaffirm happiness with these affirmations on the podcast.


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Stay happy and stay in love with yourself.

And remember to leave a comment 

Lots of love.


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