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Kundalini Immunity Booster

Winter beckons!!!


And truthfully, having had little or no contact with each other for the most part of the last seven months, our immune systems are going to be at an all time low!!


It is time to take action!

If you don't want to spend the forthcoming season battling one bug after another then inner work is needed.

Keep your diet healthy (lots of colour - and I don't mean haribos!) and loads of sleep are necessities.

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Take it from Mama Jo - look after these little fundamentals.

Practice this Breath practice with me.

This Immunity Booster will spark the right side of the brain, kicking the sympathetic nervous system to life and strengthen your immune system.


Time to feel healthy & vibrant - don't worry if you go through some emotions, that is just the glands re settling. 


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Enjoy these goodies, my love and keep yourself strong.

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 I cannot wait to connect. xxx

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Lots of love.


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