Share Mindfulness with Children 

For Teachers, Parents and other like minded Humans 

Do you want to share mindfulness techniques with children and teens?


This online course will provide you with tools and techniques to be able to incorporate small practices into your children's lives and (most importantly) YOUR life.

Mindfulness can seem like a bit of a holy grail of enlightenment; but it does not have to be quite such  challenge.

I will talk you through the science of mindfulness and WHY it is so valuable to us, as continually thinking humans!

Learn practices, tools and meditations that enable children to 'drop' easily into a mindful state.

This innovative course will equip you with the tools and 'know how' to incorporate mindfulness into your class/child's day effortlessly.

You will leave with the ability to  nurture and implement a feeling of calm, clarity and concentration, not just for your class. but also for yourself– a clear healer to stress and a boost to creativity.

By understanding mindfulness and how movement of the body go hand in hand , you will receive the benefit of being able to change yours and your children's reaction to stress, enhancing resilience and improving interpersonal relationships and communication.


This course provides an introduction  to the practice of mindfulness.  Extensive information is provided on what mindfulness is , how to develop mental awareness and promote mental relaxation, through exercises and techniques adaptable for everyday life


Discover how the body is a vehicle for energy and that simple practices can alter the energy and mindset.  You will be introduced to Kundalini Yoga enabling you to experience the benefits. 

Support Resources

The Course will equip you with tools and practical resources, which you can turn to whenever you need.  An elegantly designed manual is yours to write notes and download.  Reading material,  music and digital support are available for you.

The benefits of a more Mindful YOU - 

  • Peace & joy 

  • Mindfulness = Mindful Learning

  • Relaxed, more intuitive children

  • Pupils/children can work to the best of their abilities easier

  • You will be Organised and calm

  • A calm adult creates a calmer environment

  • Awareness to spot brewing trouble earlier

  • You will be more present

  • You will be more approachable for children resulting in a closer relationship


I am Jo, a Yoga Teacher.  I work with schools, parents and youth establishments to enable them to provide mindfulness, yoga and promote good mental health to children and young adults.

I assist our children and young adults in the treatment of depression, anxiety and other 'growing up politics' that they deal with on a daily basis.

I am qualified as a Starchild Yoga Instructor, Yoga for the Special Child Facilitator, Neuro-Biology of Mental Health Illness for Kundalini Teachers, Kundalini Yoga Level 1 & Level 2 Ongoing.  I am a member of both the Kundalini Yoga Yeachers Association (KYTA) and the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Assosciation (IKYTA).

Why Mindfulness for Children is Important?

10% of children suffer from some form of diagnose - able mental health illness.  There are many suffering from illness that is non diagnosed


That means that in a classroom of 30 children there are 3 gorgeous kiddies experiencing depression or anxiety at any given moment.

It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.


We, as the guiding generation, MUST do something about it - and we can!!

Teaching Mindfulness will benefit EVERY aspect of their lives moving forward (and, if you let it, quite possibly yours).


What you Receive

  • Video Trainings on the Science of Mindfulness and workings of the Nervous Systems & Anxiety

  • Practices, tools, & easy to implement tips for sharing mindfulness with children

  • A full Kundalini Yoga Practice to open the Heart & Mind, hen -t -  this Yoga will fully assist your learning.

  • A full colour manual download to take the knowledge away with you.

  • Relaxation scripts for you to follow



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Feedback I received after delivering a Yoga & Mindfulness Class to a Year 6 class in May 2018.

'Jo delivered some wonderful yoga sessions to a group of 10-11 years olds.  Children can feel some pressure in Year 6, and as a teacher, I was amazed by how the ... session completely transformed the children’s outlook. Jo's clear instructions and friendly nature engaged all of the pupils, leaving the children in a much calmer place than at the start of the class.

The session gave instant benefits with many of the children commenting about how great they felt afterwards. I have since seen several children use some of the techniques taught to cope in different situations – a valuable tool for life.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use yoga again the classroom – thank you Jo Yoga!'

Sian Lee, Yr 6 Teacher, William Alvey School, Sleaford

Your course was amazing. No, AMAZING! I can’t believe that from a chance ad, which popped up on Facebook of all things, gave me so much. The universe aligned this course just for me, it seems. As I drove home, I felt elated and had the biggest smile on my face all the way home, with such a deep seated sense of wellness and confidence that this was ‘right.’  If only for that, I thank you. 
Your delivery was warm, engaging and open. Your content was so detailed and vast in all the teaching tips, techniques and knowledge that I left your classroom feeling completely equipped to deliver the topic confidently. It was truly a wonderful experience. Thank you. Thank you. 
Most of all though, I so enjoyed meeting you. I found you warm and inspiring. And I hope, with time, I will be able to shape & share my teaching space in the same manner that you do.


Katie P 



Resources for now


forever learning!!!

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