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3 Tips for Better Sleep

As we settle into this 'new normal' and slower pace of life - (at time of writing we are amidst the Covid 19 pandemic) the uncertainty that sets in can create a disruption to our sleep patterns!!

When sleep patterns are disrupted this affects EVERYTHING!

Our brain power.

Our ability to heal.

Tolerance levels.

Hormonal balance.

So when children experience sleep disruptions it can really hinder their ability to forge healthy relationships and find peace and tranquility on their school work and activities.

Here are 3 tips for better sleep for children.

1. Lower the lights - encourage them to come off of screens for at least 30 mins before bed time as the lights invigorate the brain into activity.

2. Stretch the body - especially for growing bodies that get growing pains. Just a few simple stretched such as downward dogs & forward folds and maybe some slow sun salutations will all help to relax and release tension from the joints.

3. Spend 5 minutes connecting - Charlie and I have always had 5 minutes together before lights out. As a toddler I would read to him, then we progressed to him reading to me, now we chat about the highlights of our day. This is valuable time for snuggles and quality time - this may also be a time when any 'sensitive' subjects come up so be ready to listen.

Sweet dreams.

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