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3 Ways You Can Strengthen Connections Today

Sunday night was a wonderful night in my home.

The whole family got together.

Nothing unusual, I grant you, however we were all in our own homes all over the country.

We put together a quiz, each house taking a topic, and then Lincolnshire, Sussex, Shropshire & Cornwall all joined for a night of giggles.

Fast forward a few days and I have just returned from a quick essential shopping trip, and whilst waiting in the queue to enter I got chatting to the other people in the queue.

It seems that we are crossing that 2 metre divide with actual human connections!

A friend of mine this week said - ' we are not social distancing, we are physical distancing'! Perfect and absolutely true.

Ok, so you may actually be reading this sometime in the future, after the corona virus pandemic and wondering what I am talking about. How are things there in the future?? I am sure they are better than what we left behind!

But at time of writing we are in the midst of a lock-down. All being asked to stay home and keep 2 metres distance from anyone who does not live in your household.

What this 'lock-down' is gifting us are new ways to remain connected.

To walk down the street and actually make eye contact and say 'hello'.

Here are 3 quick easy ways to stay connected.

1. Face-time - now I am sure that, like me, you would much rather text than pick up the phone and actually speak to one another! Yes? Well one lesson, from being in lock-down and not being able to physically be near another human, makes us really appreciate each other.

Whether it be a touch on the arm, or a hug of a friend - it can all be taken away so quickly.

Today, if you want to speak to someone, Face-time - see their expressions. Mum, Dad, my brother and I had breakfast together, all in different houses. Seeing each other is EVERYTHING.

2. Write a letter - Oh how old fashioned!!! Or an email. But actually write something down and pop it in the post with a photo or anything is an instant connection. It holds your energy and the receiver will absorb your energy in a rich and healthy way.

How often do we get something through the post that is not a bill, circular or birthday card?

So post something; just for the joy of the receiver getting something lovely and personal through the post.

3. Do online classes - and dare to switch your camera on. Yes, as you know as a yoga teacher I have had to take my classes online during these phases of isolation and connecting with my students has been the air that I breathe.

I fully respect any one of my students who doesn't switch their camera on, it is a personal choice. However when we are in group classes, we are all unfiltered and raw. Challenge yourself to do an online class with your camera on.

Maybe you know the other participants, maybe you don't but give yourself a chance to be vulnerable. This may encourage others in the class to be vulnerable too.

And on a final note. Connecting to others, is not about putting an edited, 'perfect; airbrushed version of yourself out for others. The world needs and requires the raw, unfiltered, natural YOU.

Your place on this earth is justified by you being your own unique self. By being you and allowing others to gravitate towards you means that you are doing ALL the right things in keeping connected.

Humans are not solitary creatures, we need connections,

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