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5 Ways Meditation Benefits a Busy Life

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

School runs, meal planning, house work, business, health & fitness, running errands - feel free to add in your own personal daily to do list here.

It can feel exhausting and a little overwhelming at times - and I am sure that should a mother in the playground, or a friend over a coffee chat, suggest to you that you try meditating - you may want to give them a good old fashioned 'love punch' in the face.

I get it, I know - but hear me out.

They are not talking rubbish, I promise you!

There is a famous saying -

'Everyone should meditate for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy, then you should meditate for an hour'!

I also completely understand that meditation, for many, seems like a waste of time.

'Sitting on your arse doing nothing ain't gonna change the world'!

I have not only said all of the above, but I have lived and believed them.

Now, however, I am firmly on the 'meditating is great side of the fence' - and here is why!

1. Power over your thoughts

Your mind is busy and frantically trying to organise thoughts into time critical, priorities & non urgent. It creates a fogginess in the mind – the brain cannot decipher one from the other.

It is time to give the mind a rest – and YES I am well aware that it is when the mind is busy that meditation is the hardest – but the most vital.

A regular meditation practice will equip you with the awareness to recognise earlier when your mind & thoughts are spiralling, empowering you to ‘nip it in the bud’ uber quickly.

As human beings we are natural thinking creatures, so we constantly think, hundreds of times a minute!!

Much of what we think gets put away into the subconscious mind and never thought of again.

And a few thoughts get bought to the front of the mind and sit there.

Whether these thoughts are factual or not has nothing to do with what your mind deems to be important – and often – it is the emotional inducing thoughts that get the power.

Getting control of these thoughts is the first MAJOR step into awakening and living a healthy, calm happy existence.

Meditation assists you in understanding these thoughts, being able to identify between fact & fiction, and ultimately will quieten the mind so that the untrue, spiral inducing thoughts get thrown to the ‘pointless thought’ bin immediately.

2. Quiet mind = calmer responses

Once the mind is quieter, it behaves less emotionally.

We are all triggered by one thing or another.

I am often triggered by Facebook posts (I am not alone here I know), and in the past I have ‘almost’ felt the need to respond, however I know that by responding, I am behaving in the way that Facebook wants, and should I respond, they would then feed me more of the ‘triggering’ posts.

By meditating, my mind is quieter, and yes, I still get triggered, but now there is a pause – and in that pause, reason comes in and my mind recognises that it is NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.

Using meditation as a tool to quieten your mind, your responses to any situation will be calmer & clearer, because you mind is able to scroll through its files (Listen to this Podcast Episode to learn more about the Negative/Positive/Neutral Minds) ensuring that you take the RIGHT action for your health.

By being able to respond in a calmer way means there are less confrontations, you are triggered less and peace & joy are with you always.

3. Connects the mind to the breath

Being in the present moment is the sure fire, immediate way to relieve stress & worry.

When you are 100% ‘in the moment’ – the moment is perfect, regardless of what you are experiencing, it is exactly as it should be – and while you are IN IT, you cannot worry about what is coming up or what has happened – you only have NOW to focus on.

But we spend so little time in the present, our mind is constantly creating stories to keep us safe, worried about what may come and what has gone.

This is a pointless exercise.

Because nothing can be done about it – we spend so much time worrying about things we cannot have an effect on – and so BE PRESENT.

How do we be present? By connecting the mind to the breath through meditation.

This will drop you into the present moment, BE with your breath and you will be calm.

Be with your breath and stress will fall away.

Be with you breath and you will be happy & content.

4. Lowers the blood pressure

When meditating, as stated in point 3, you will begin with connecting to the breath and bringing your body & mind into a more relaxed and peaceful state.

As you slide deeper into your meditation (even if only a 3 minute med) you will lower your stress levels & anxiety.

Deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for lowering adrenaline & cortisol production (the stress inducing hormones) and slowing the breathing, heart rate & lowering blood pressure.

5. Inspiration can be heard.

Spirit whispers to you, it does not shout – well actually there are times when spirit raises it’s voice but, unless you are tuned in, you may ignore it.

During meditation, when the mind is quiet, moments of inspiration or ‘universal downloads’ are delivered to you.

Your subconscious mind, which is eternally connected to source can be heard and deliver the messages it needs you to hear.

So if a random idea or thought pops into your head during meditation, be sure to jot it down afterwards as it will be relevant.

If you find you cannot think straight - meditate and allow the inspirational answers to come to you.

I know it’s hard – but I promise you – IT WORKS!

What now?

Only by gifting yourself the opportunity to experience this universal language of meditation will you be able to KNOW the value it will bring to your life.

I charge you to give it a go today – 5 minutes, set your timer, sit comfy, palms face up in your lap and focus on your breath.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on meditation – whether you practice or are just starting.

‘Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, Including you’ – Anne Lamott