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A Slower Pace

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

My schedule is manic - driving from client to class to school etc. Some days I barely stop until I get home in the evening and then I may be shooting off to a rehearsal or a gymnastics club to watch Charlie.

Lets not forget tea preparation - even though I do have an incredibly supportive partner, who on a couple of days a week will always have that under control.

One thing that becomes plainly clear to me, during the long summer break, is how much I relish and flourish in down time.

There are moments of boredom or guilt, when I feel I SHOULD be doing something, or that i feel I am frittering away time - however I am learning to work with these feelings and really tune into what is truly going on.

A slower pace is what my soul requires - when I am slower and less rushed, I teach better, I am happier, I sleep better and I take good care of myself.

I run, go to the gym, meditate and am more focused (well most of the time).

And so 'a slower pace' is what I am aiming towards. To sit and take my time, to relax and not worry about frittering away hours. To focus and work hard for just a couple of hours a day so that I have free time for myself, my family and friends.

And I honour you to try this - if even just a day.

We know how amazing and refreshed we feel when we get back from holidays - lets keep that feeling flowing through days and we will influence others to calm and find a happier pace.

Through a slower pace, comes grace.

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