• Jo Yoga

Are you a Beauty or a Beast

Christmas in the UK means twinkly lights, cosy nights, gift buying, an abundance of food & drink and PANTOMIME!!

Well, my Christmas does.

My whole family are involved with the local theatre both on and off stage and we become immersed in this wonderful panto bubble.

The outside world almost falls away as we spend hours with the panto family (cast & crew) and evening after evening together entertaining the audiences.

And I wouldn't want it any other way.

This year the show is Beauty & The Beast - and it got me thinking how ALL of us house a little of Prince Danton and Belle!

The Prince may be rude, conceited and dismissive of people (hence the enchantress turning him into a beast), but all of us have these tendencies.

We all have a likeness to be impatient during this time of year, or any time of the year I suppose.

Consider when you are driving and the anger you can feel towards some people, or when we quickly pre judge someone based on their looks or clothes ( we're all guilty of it).

And then consider Belle, the thoughtful, honest, kind and somewhat feisty heroine of the story.

We fiercely protect what we love, and ultimately fall in love for the person, not what they look like.

We are all part beauty part beast.

We are two sides of the same coin and it is ok to covert and dwell in of ALL that we are .

Our good our bad, sugar & spice, calm & angry, we are everything we are meant to be.

So remember that next time you are perturbed by the behaviour of someone else, you are probably responding to something inside of you.