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Can you tackle a 40 day practice?

I am deep into a 40 day Global Sadhana practice. It is a Global Healing Circle and a delightful meditation of the Ra Ma Da Sa mantra.

In this practice you have the choice of sitting and sharing the healing or lying down and receiving the healing.

Beautiful - and I am finding it a lot easier to motivate myself to practice. Especially as on less energetic days I can choose to lie down and be healed.

40 day Sadhanas can be taxing.

To be totally honest I struggle with commitment to my practice. It is something I have to actively work hard on each and every day.

Some days i find it manageable to get up an get my meditation done, other days I have EVERY reason to put it off!!

And then I get to the end of the day and I am like 'OOPs I haven't done my Yoga!!'

The thing is with Kundalini 40 day practices is that, if you miss a day - you go back to day 1!! Harsh right?

Well I don't think so - you see it makes you accountable.

It makes you STEP UP!

It encourages you to really assess yourself BEFORE embarking on a 40 day practice.

Do I have the time?

Is it really achievable for me right now?

By checking in with yourself before taking on your first 40 day commitment you are mastering the art of Svadhaya - the Yogic principle of 'self study'.

And this is most certainly a positive thing.

Ultimately you receive ONLY GAINS when you self study. You may not be happy with EVERYTHING but it is ALL forward movement.

I practiced Kundalini Yoga for years before I tackled my first 40 day commitment.

It is truly enlightening and what you discover and learn about yourself throughout the process is truly magical.

So wherever you are at with your Yoga journey - it is all a process.

You fall, go back to day 1 or find another outlet.

Nothing is ever wasted.

How do you find your commitment on those hard to tackle days?

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