• Jo Yoga

What it REALLY takes to Change Your Life

Being an actress - is to escape reality, to be creative from the inside through emotions & movement, is to experience life as someone else? For me - its dressing up!!! 🤣😂

But seriously acting is an artform that encompasses all of the above - and experiencing through emotion & movement is the most valuable process that us humans have as a tool to develop and learn.

When we are children we learn by 'doing'.

So putting this into adult context, to make a life change requires the body not just the head!

When I witness people attempting to change their life and go for their dreams - it's all affirmations & thinking/visualising/manifesting - great but it is 'all in the head'!

We need to incorporate the body through movement & feeling.

To change your situation, to develop or wherever you are at on your life's journey, if you want to live unapologetically as you - 100% YOU contact me and let's see if I can guide you and assist you in growing and living your beautiful life.

- change does not come without movement.