• Jo Yoga

Choose Happy

Is Happiness a natural talent, or, as the saying goes, a way of life rather than a destination?

Giving this subject some thought actually brings up feelings of happiness - ta dah!!! That is all you have to do - think happiness??

Well of course not but lets talk about the 'Happiness Muscle'!

Ultimately, happiness is a state bought on by thoughts.

And who controls your thoughts?

You do.

Therefore Happiness is a choice - one that can be made every day.

But, as humans, we have pesky hormones that also play a part, and women more so, more regularly.

On the days when happiness feels a million miles away - what can you do to help the process?

1. Move your Hips

Every emotion and experience that you encounter is stored in your body as a cellular memory. A small energy lock is held, so that should that situation arise again, your negative mind can sift through the files and 'remember' how that feels in order to protect you in the future.

Due to our lifestyle which involves a lot of sitting, most of our emotional memory sits in the cells around the hips.

So practice any hip opening yoga, butterfly, warrior 2, lizard pose, pigeon pose and add some positive affirmations and you'll be smiling from ear to ear on no time.

2. Get out and walk

Being indoors, surrounded by positive ions from all the electrical equipment around you needs neutralizing. This is simple by just getting outdoors. If you can get into countryside ie woodland or the ocean even better but mainly you want fresh air and the earth under your feet.

I like to walk whilst listening to a positive podcast or audio book, but it is just as wonderful to listen to the sounds around you.

3. Dance

If your present company allows, whack on some great uplifting music (loud) and dance. A personal fave of mine at the moment is 'The Champion' by Carrie Underwood, A blast of that in the morning and I ma ready to go.

4. Journal

There is a neuro- pathway used when actually writing things down that brings a sense of clarity. This is not about writing a diary or a bestseller. Your handwriting can be messy and you can even burn them in the future if you don't want them read. When you journal, you can write out your thoughts which actually makes things a bit clearer. And finish by writing out positive 'I am' affirmations until you start to feel you head beginning to buzz - seriously. xxx

5. Dream your perfect day

There is nothing as uplifting as really positive thinking and dreaming of your perfect day/life is no exception. You can go as big as you like, where you live, what you eat, what you wear, what is your job, etc. - the only rule, if you catch yourself thinking that 'this is only a dream it will never come true', you must flip it and believe it to be true. It will lift your mood, your vibration and make your whole day better - possibly even your life!!

6. Remember it IS a choice.

When all is said and done, the truth of the matter, is that it really is a CHOICE. No one can tell you what to think. And on those days when we are just feeling sad, it is possible to turn it around - just follow one of the tips above and notice how different you feel.

Until next time

Lots of love