• Jo Yoga

Keeping Spiritual during the Christmas Holidays

I adore Christmas - the whole world sparkles!!!

I love fairy lights, Christmas music, the outside coming inside with our gorgeous trees - and of course the food & drink!!

Being 'Yogically' minded how do we keep away from the commercialism and corporate bombardment that goes alongside it?

Well the fact is - we can't. Christmas is a huge money making opportunity for literally EVERY business, whether you are gift buying, dining out and partying, buying new outfits and make up for a party, extra food etc, the list is endless.

But this does not have to be a negative thing.

You see, money and abundance are an exchange of energy that goes around in circles.

To give is to receive.

To spend money in someone else's business is giving.

Now I am the first to admit that the ease and convenience of Amazon is a life saver, and I'll admit that many of my gift buying comes via them, however I do ensure that I purchase a couple of things from independent local stores, I'll get my hair done at a local independent salon and get my nails done, to ensure that I am supporting the small businesses too.

Spending your money consciously is a spiritual thing - and who can deny the absolute joy when you stumble across the most perfect present for someone.

So whether you are a Grinch or a Christmas lover, the true meaning is support, togetherness and the one time of year when almost everyone comes together for a common celebration.

Keep your seasonal spirit and be conscious. Keep up your personal practice and the overwhelm and worries will dissolve.