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Make your Mat Matter

Being a yogi and mixing with plenty of fellow yogis, naturally thee topic of environmentalism often crops up.

Recycling this, re using that, plastic free blah, paraben free this - it is an ongoing and necessary form of conversation.

One thing that is vitally important is your Yoga Mat.

Being authentic and transparent, I shall admit that for my large group yoga classes, I provide yoga mats for my students and these are made from PVC.

I am in the process of swapping these all to a more natural, Eco friendly, sustainable material, however this will take time.

My own personal mat that I use for home practice is by Yogi Bare and it is their Paws mat made from 100% Natural Eco Rubber which is biodegradable and recyclable.

For a more in depth study the brilliant guys at Consumers Advocate have done an immense amount of research and you can find their full review here.

It is a very worthy read and insightful.

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