• Jo Yoga

Mindfulness you can do Anywhere

In a busy fast paced world, life just zooms past.

Do you notice?

Wake, eat, work, sleep, repeat.

Every night when I close the curtains, I find myself thinking ‘where has the day gone’? I have noticed this even more so with the Covid 19 pandemic as days have literally rolled into one.

And it is only going to get quicker.

It has never been more important to GET MINDFUL!!

With time speeding up and our lives whizzing past, it is vital that we really begin to slow the mind, slow our own personal pace and notice the beauty, glory and wonder in every moment.

Here are some tips to practice in different situations.


One good thing that came out of the pandemic was that I began to walk for the sake of walking, did you? My one permitted trip out of the house each day, and no shops to go to, I found a love for just walking.

When you are out walking, slow your pace a little and look around you. See colours, textures and the way things move within the atmosphere.

Listen intently to the sounds. Nature sounds, traffic sounds, people, planes.

Hold your chest up, shoulders relaxed and consciously place your feet on the ground - from heel to toe.

Practice a Breath Walk Meditation. This is a guided meditation, in which you time your steps with a particular breath pattern and perhaps add in a mantra.

Doing Chores

Next time you do the dishes, look at the colours in the soap bubbles. Feel the texture of the bubbles against your skin, or if wearing rubber gloves, see the gloves as an extension to your skin.

Chores can often feel like a bit of a grind, however with a little creative thinking they can become a joy, and that high vibration will permeate your home with good jus jus.

Sorting laundry, offer thanks for the clothes that you have.

Vacuuming, be grateful for the clean carpets and floors that you can tread lightly on afterwards.

Dusting, admire the clean surfaces afterwards and visualise the stunning reflections back up into the universe, even if on a matte surface.

When I have a particularly unlovable job (cleaning bathrooms for instance, not my fave) I use a mantra.

Any mantra that resonates with you can be used. I particularly like Kundalini ones such as

Sa Ta Na Ma

Wahe Guru

Sat Nam

It will take the mind into a beautiful blissful state, especially if accompanied by music (search any of the above chants on your music provider and they will be there).


Whether food shopping or likewise, as you pick things off of the shelves or hangers ask yourself the question - ‘do I want this?’

Feel the textures and see the colours of your item and mindfully consider whether it is what you want and require.

Mindless shopping leads to an excess of food waste, clothes clogging up closets having never been worn, so become mindful prior to making purchases.

This is an environmental issue, as much as it is a healthy mindset issue for you.

As an extra oomph of mindfulness, if standing in a queue, plant your feet and enjoy some deep breathing. It will assist you in having mental clarity and patience.


One thing I ALWAYS do prior to switching on my engine is I stop. Take a full and deep breath and then switch on the ignition.

Driving is an activity that we easily become unconscious doing. Have you ever got to your destination and are not able to remember your journey there?

Yes - it is common right?

Here are some tips to add to your moment of pause before switching on the engine

At traffic lights, have the radio off and take some deep breaths.

Notice your surroundings - are you driving down a busy street or an open country road?

See the colours of your surroundings

If the radio or music is not uplifting, switch it off. Listen to the sound of your vehicle.

Always remain calm and drive at a slightly slower pace than usual (not so much that you are a nuisance but just enough to not be rushing).


I am sure that by now in this blog, you are aware of the fundamentals of mindful behaviour.

To be present with your task in hand.

Cookery is especially susceptible to the benefits of mindfulness. A meal cooked with care, precision and love, is far more easily digestible than a rushed , thrown together plate of food.

Love the ingredients, notice their colours, textures and scents.

Whilst things are bubbling enjoy watching the energy and movement of the food

Plate up with pride as you offer the delicious food to your family/guests.

Take a moment of thanks before diving into the feast.

The Take Away

The constant pursuit of mindfulness does not have to be difficult.

Once your subconscious mind gets into the habit of reminding you to be mindful, you will notice moments of beautiful clarity and peace seep into your day.

For today take one tip from two of the activities and try it out.

As you build up these habits, mindfulness will become something that you are, rather than something you try to be.

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult. We just need to remember to do it”

Sharon Saltzberg