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Reaching out on Social Media - don't be afraid

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Without doubt, the positive thing about the digital age and living with the internet and social media at our fingertips is being able to connect!

Who knows how this Pandemic would have played out for us without the ability to continue to see family members, hold meetings, school lessons etc through the internet.

One thing I particularly love is the 'nose' into peoples lives through social media.

I am an 'un-secret' voyeur!!

Especially Instagram. I love a house/interior account, and as for Mrs Hinch cleaning - well - who would have thought that watching such mundane tasks would be so addictive.

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And following people I love and admire can be a full time job, but what I REALLY want to share with you today is the opportunities that can come out of being obsessed with SM (social media - not what you were thinking).

Whilst scrolling through mt feed, I came upon a post from a lady I very much admire. I love what she stands for - she is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher who also sings with her family.

Being the mother of a reluctant teen can be hard work.

The days of Charlie snuggling up next to me as I enjoyed my Sadhana are long gone, and during a festival, to find him with the kiddie camp, in the Gurdwara wearing a head covering and learning ow to wield a sword - happy happy times.

But those days of him sharing an interest in my yoga journey are long gone - so the fact that this particular goddess manages to get her teenage boys to sing with her - hands up - whats her secret?

Anyways, I reached out to her.

A very awkward message that went something like - 'don't think me a weirdo but I think we could be friends' - or words to that effect!!

You see it is tough to reach out on Social Media and not seem a weirdo - but I did it anyway.

Luckily, she absolutely took the message in the way it was intended and, as the universe so cunningly arranges, was about to record a music video and required willing ladies to appear.

I didn't need asking twice.

A beautiful day, with beautiful women dancing to a beautiful song!

The video is below for you to enjoy - but ultimately my message is this

Do it, reach out, you just don't know the incredible contacts and opportunities that could open up to you. Risk being seen as a weirdo, you don't know the fun that a weirdo can have.

Those inhibitions - as Anand Kirtan would say 'Let it Go, Let it Out, Let it All Unravel'.


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