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Teaching the Human in Front of Me

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

I was reminded of a very valuable lesson this week.

It is easy to get lost in the pursuit of the 'perfect class' alongside the 'perfect class plan'!!

This week I was in a school teaching a class, made up of key stage 1 & key stage 2 in equal measure. I hadn't got a strict plan, but had an idea.

During our tune in, one little boy was trying to get my attention -

'Jo, JO - there is a spider on you'.

'Yes Ok - close your eyes, tune in'

'But it is on you Jo - there!'

'Never mind, tune in'.

As we finished singing the Adi Mantra**, the boy, again said - 'behind you, there'!

** Much of the music I use is by Siri Arti Kaur of Starchild Yoga and teh Adi Mantra can be found here https://music.apple.com/gb/album/adi-mantra-feat-alexia-chellun/1300322809?i=1300322813

This fairly large spider scurried off to the nearest dark spot and many of the children responded with an 'eurgh'!!

And there was my lesson - Ahimsa - Non violence, non harm and love to all and everything.

We had a wonderful discussion about the wonders of spiders and all creatures - our class mantra became 'Be Kind'.

Thank you spider for teaching us all a lesson.

I moved onto my next class with the same energy from the previous.

We sat down, tuned in and I instantly went into ego eradicator.

However, the energy from my KS 1 & 2 school class was of no use in this class.

I was in a hospital for teens dealing with mental health illnesses - an energetic, spontaneous, class of nonviolence was not what they needed.

They required me to be slow, gentle, relaxed and soothing.

Which is what I did.

I was reminded, pure and simple that my job is teach the human in front of me - whatever they bring with them - I am not to bring 'my stuff'.

I must always remember the teachers oath - I am not a Man, I am not a Woman, I am not a Person, I am not Myself, I am a Teacher.

Different classes require a different me and if I am truly connected, it is the tune in (the Adi Mantra) that is required for me to 'feel' into my students and what they require.

Teaching different ages & abilities through out the day requires me to remain present and always thinking on my feet.

This was my valuable lesson this week - be open, be present and the 'perfect class' will reveal itself to you.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJDzPq1TJ6E&t=10s - for a You Tube video on Tuning In.

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