• Jo Yoga

The Balance of Yoga & Acting

As a Children's Yoga teacher I am continuously thinking on my feet, being creative and being led by my students.

As all teachers know, the best laid lesson plans can be thrown out of the window at a moments notice. Even more so when children are involved!!!

It takes 1 bird to fly past, a child to sneeze, or a funny sounding word (of which there are many om yoga) and your class are falling apart in giggles and their attention gone!

And so creativity kicks in - and nothing spells creativity than, quick as lighting you have moved your 'sailing boat' into a 'hot air balloon' being surrounded by butterflies!!!

The imagination is an incredible tool, which as adults we have a tendency to not massage as much as children.

For children their imagination holds no boundaries, there are no limits and anything is possible.

When teaching young children, my class usually follows some sort of story board, a trip to the moon, a walk through the jungle or a sail on the ocean. For a perfect example of this just watch any cosmic kids video on You Tube.

It got me to thinking about the wonderful synchronicity between Yoga & drama.

In the past I have run workshops for children interested in drama, and included some yoga in there. And in yoga, there is always some drama and acting skills.

This month (January 2020) sees me launching a Youth Theatre Academy, and I am nervous, excited and exhilarated to be able to share a passion that is so close to my heart.

The arts are an invaluable way for children t express themselves.

When performing, they can be whoever they wish to be, they drop their own emotional baggage to take on a characters emotions, they lose their sense of self to take on someone else's - and through these incredible transitions they learn more and more about themselves and who they are!!!

In yoga they connect with themselves and understand their emotions, they allow their own baggage to unravel and acceptance comes with a loving openness.

On stage, we can pretend to be warriors, in life we ARE warriors.

In Yoga we completely relax to surrender, on stage we relax to act!

The balance of these two sacred and ancient arts of yoga & performance brings me a huge sense of peace, and my true wish for 2020, is that you too find yours.

With love