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What I have learned this September

Being a self employed business woman and Yoga teacher, September, for me has been an enlightening month.

2020, as we are fully aware has been a year where practically EVERYBODY has had to re think at least one aspect of their lives, whether it is how often you meet friends & family, how much time you spend with your children, or what is important health wise.

As a self employed person, whose very livelihood depends on schools & gatherings, I have had a total shift!

The lock down and school closures gave me ample time & space to think about what REALLY mattered, and the truth is this.

I was exhausted.

Teaching Yoga, in itself takes a lot of energy.

There is class planning, researching, putting playlists together, then in class I am constantly thinking about the direction of the class and what my students need.

Working primarily with children, I am constantly keeping one step ahead of my students and pivoting the class if the children are showing signs of what they needed rather than what I had planned.

Plus, as I am in schools, I provide the equipment, so transporting 30 Yoga mats to venues which, by their very nature are under lock and key and generally in accessible uses up my final reserves of energy.

Lock done gave me huge amounts of reflection time.

I know that providing Yoga to schools is my calling and what I am meant to be doing, but not at the expense of my own health.

And I knew that I wanted to work with women just like me - on a spiritual journey, looking for self development and in need of a community of like minded females to bond with.


So I had two main things to consider.

1 How was I going to be able to provide Yoga to schools and not burn myself out?

2 How was I going to connect with and work with likeminded women?

Point 1

As September loomed closer and schools were re opening, I only approached schools where my teachings and I were supported. So that meant that the Mindfulness and themes I taught during my sessions were carried on into the classroom.

Also where I was able to park close, get my equipment into and out of the building safely, and had time and space to ensure that my classes were productive & successful, without me feeling as though I was teaching an ongoing production line of pupils.

I also took the decision to only take longer bookings - this meant I could teach a lot of children in one place over a longer period of time (ie full day/half day) rather than lots of children in lots of different places. This saved my energy & the environment.

Point 2

I rebranded my website and created starter Yoga packs for women, depending on their needs.

I started a podcast so that I can directly speak to women each week and share my knowledge.

I have opened an online studio for women to join so we can connect with each other directly on a monthly basis.

All of which are up and running with great success and sisterhood - my main intention.

My Take Away

As September loomed and we were getting ready to go back to schools. I did not know what to expect and there is a risk of another lockdown. I felt great anxiety, you only need to listen to my podcast Episode 15 to know how stressed I was,

And yet here I am at the end of September, happier, steady and LOVING my teaching more than ever. I have a lot of mat cleaning to do, far more than I ever had before, but it is a small inconvenience when I compare it to the joy I get from being able to teach in schools again.

My connections with spiritual women are stronger than ever and I have created friendships and bonds with driven, creative inspired women that lift me every day.

So thank you September, for all you have bought and taught me.