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When is it Ok to take time off?

Since the pandemic really hit the UK in March, my yoga teaching has taken a whole new turn.

I now do a lot of teaching online.

This is great as it offers itself to so many new possibilities.

I have spent months creating digital courses for my clients, teaching LIVES, adding social media content as I am now able to teach a wider audience and it has also meant that I could continue teaching whilst on holiday.

But is this really a good thing?

I have found myself - considering a half term break - working!!

This would have been a first class NO NO last year - but now I feel guilty if I take time off!!

I am thinking all the time that I should be working!! Because I can!!

ludicrous I know!

So how do we find the balance between being productive in business & service - and taking time for the family.

My favourite phrase is 'if you are not Ok, they are not ok'. - basically self care is providing for your family because when you are healthy, awake, enlivened and happy - you can be the best version of yourself for your freinds and family.

However I have taken it on myself to launch my first online yoga community (The Jo Yoga Shala - read more about it here) the week after half term. So there is going to be some work!

It takes planning - this is something that I am brilliant at - and I love to do it.

I sit with my timetable and plan my week in a very detailed way - and to be honest, when running and online business as well as teaching face to face, mostly in schools which takes up full days at a time, I have to be organised.

And so I ensure that I schedule in time off too!

It is just as important as those full on productive days - a day on the couch with a fab Netflix boxset, to me is equally as productive.

I find taking time off, now that work is more accessible a harder discipline.

As with everything - it takes work!

Commitment - I am committed to taking time off.

Ensure you take time for yourself too.

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