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Meditation to Ignite The Positive Mind & Create Prosperity

Hi Beautiful Ones

Welcome to this powerful Kundalini Meditation to Prosperity through igniting the Positive Mind.  

We have three aspects to our mind - The Negative Mind, The Neutral Mind, The Positive Mind.

They all need each other.

The Negative Mind is the mind that is all concerned with safety.  It files through your past experiences and emotions to influence your decision making.

The Positive Mind is the Yes yes yes voice.  Great for taking risks and getting you out of your comfort zone, but not always the most sensible.

The Neutral Mind looks at the big picture, takes into account all the facts and influences your decisions in 9 seconds.


This powerful 3 part meditation, connects the energy from the Sacral Chakra - (your place of creativity and inspiration) with the Third Eye Chakra, (your intuition. and wisdom).


Through these connections you can inspire changes to your lifestyle and see opportunities fall into your lap.


The second part connects the loving heart space with the back of the throat space to enhance loving, honest communication, self expression and drive to achieve you goals and desires. 

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You can do this - with the power of your heart & mind, you can achieve all you want.

Have a beautiful day.

Until next time

All my love

Jo. xx

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