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Kundalini Yoga for Self Love 

Sat Nam my friend.

I don't know about you, but I always find that I am toughest on myself!!  Do you get that?

I speak to myself in a way that I would NEVER speak to a friend (or even someone I didn't consider a friend), and I don't check myself.

I think that it is Ok to berate myself, to put myself down and criticise.

Do you resonate with that?

When I teach children, we often do a little exercise.

Firstly I ask them to to say something positive about themselves, or something they are good at or proud of.  This is often met with a confused look and silence.

Then they are asked to say something positive about the person to their right.

Whether they are next to their best friend or not, they can ALWAYS find something positive to say about the person next to them.

But not about themselves.

We go through the class, opening the heart, repeating strong self belief affirmations and before long the children are able to 'big themselves up' as much as their neighbour, but it takes work!

And this work needs practice - not just in children but adults too.

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So this week I am gifting you this Kundalini Self Love Meditation.

Self Love is our greatest renewable resource.  You are blessed - WE are blessed to be on this journey together.

Enjoy this powerful meditation and ensure you leave a comment on how incredible you feel afterwards - it is a toughie - I honour you on this journey with me.


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Stay happy and stay in love with yourself.

Leave a comment as I would love to know how you find the Kriya - it's a toughie but goodie.

Lots of love.


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