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Kundalini Yoga to For The Brain

Hello, hello, welcome to this class The Brain Doctor!!!

Sounds a little Mad Scientist doesn't it?

Well I consider Kundalini Yoga to be the Mad Scientist of the Yoga World.  

It is the tradition that has you bounding around on the floor like popcorn, or sticking out your tongue as far as you can and roaring!!!

Yep, there is nothing run of the mill about Kundalini - and this week's class is not run of the mill.

Today, you will be balancing the two sides of your brain - getting the masculine & feminine to work together, the problem solver and the creator to be in absolute harmony.

This way you are able to project yourself authentically AND receive with honesty!!

All totally fabulous - yes.

To ensure we are all balancing sides be sure to comment with 'I am Balanced' so that we can all hold each other accountable and hold up our personal practice.

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No matter how life seems to you today, you have the choice to face it as you want.  Do you want to be faced with problems daily, or do you want to tackle challenge as opportunities - the choice is yours my love.

Lots of love


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