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Kundalini Yoga to Cope with Time Pressure

Hey my Loves.

How are you?  I have been feeling super anxious this week - I don't know whether it is the pressure and worry about going back to school - me included to teach Yoga.

There is so much to take into account now that I just don't know where to start.

Charlie has so much to consider with the new 'government guidelines'!  Plus he isn't allowed to get our of his seat during class and I just think - urgh what a drag it is going to be.

Do you worry about stuff like that?  School was hardly lighting him up the way it was and now it is going to be even more stagnant!!!

I returned from holidays and was feeling tight chested, stressed and anxious over all the new changes, how are my classes going to be received?  How am I actually going to teach?  what does Charlie need for school?  What do I have to have in place now that we are living through Covid times? etc etc

I couldn't breath and so today I am sharing this wonderful Kriya that enables us to 'withstand the pressure of time'.

The movement stimulates energy enabling you to feel more in control of ALL THAT IS GOING ON.

It will make you feel alert, powerful and stable, so practice the Kriya with me and be sure to comment 'I am in control' in the comments - that way we can keep each other going.

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We need each other my love, and to get through anxious times and different 'normality' is going to be heart felt so it is even more important that you take care of yourself.

Lots of love


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